Request a Classroom Presentation

The CPS staff is available to offer the below presentations in your classroom. 

Presentation request must be received at least 2-3 weeks in advance of the request date.  Request made less than 2 weeks in advance are not guaranteed to be filled.  Our CPS Outreach Coordinator will contact you to discuss your request further. 

Please note, a professor can request a maximum of 2 presentations per semester. 

Professor must be present during the presentation.  The below presentations are approximately 30-45 minutes including discussion time. 

Sources of Strength (S.O.S.) Suicide Prevention
This presentation is designed to help students identify warning signs, engage in crisis management, understand confidentiality in counseling,develop coping skills, and learn more about resources for getting help.

Asking for a Friend
This presentation is designed to help individuals understand and talk about mental health with others. Topics addressed include warning signs, how to approach talking about mental health, ways to be supportive of a friend or loved one experiencing mental health challenges, and resources for seeking out help.

Mental Health 101
This presentation is focused on identifying the components of mental health, how we utilize them, how they impact our everyday lives, and a few good mental health practices that can be implemented.

If you are interested in a presentation regarding stress and anxiety management, please contact Health & Wellness Promotion.

To schedule a CPS presentation, complete the below information.  Please submit 1 form per class request.  

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