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Everything you need to Find Your Support. The University System of Georgia has partnered with Christie Campus Health to expand the mental health resources for every student.  Wellbeing@KSU is here to support you with flexible options and tools to help lift you mentally and emotionally.   

Speak with an experienced clinician, get a referral for one-to-one counseling and access to free counseling sessions, and even schedule an appointment with a local or video counselor. 

All Services Offered through Wellbeing@KSU are Confidential. No information will be shared without your consent.  

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A 24/7/365 mental health support line for in-the-moment support and linkages to next steps, regardless of time of day or your location. Call us anytime, any place at 470-578-6600 and select Option 2 to be connected to a licensed counselor who will listen, offer guidance, and help you set a plan. 

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On your first call with Wellbeing@KSU we will help you connect locally or virtually with a counselor to schedule session times that work for you.

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Wherever you are, there’s someone you can trust as close as your phone, iPad, or laptop. Wellbeing@KSU offers licensed counselors you can connect with for support.

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ICare is an online, self-guided Cognitive Behavioral Training platform designed for college students who feel ready to regain their motivation, improve their focus, and work through a simple eight-module program. It will help you build the tools and strategies that could improve your days—and your academic performance. 

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Our Wellbeing@KSU professional support team can help you locate local or video counseling, get referrals, and act as an e-coach through ICare. 

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Virtual Psychiatric Clinics to offer assessment and medication management.

What to expect when you call Wellbeing@KSU

Responsive, empathetic mental health support is available to currently enrolled students, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from any location by calling 470-578-6600 and selecting Option 2 to be connected to Wellbeing@KSU. 
Calls to Wellbeing@KSU are answered by licensed master’s level mental health clinicians—people who are there any time, day or night, to provide support and to help you address your immediate concerns. They will also review a care and safety plan as well as recommendations for next steps. 
These steps may include a referral to: 

  • Ongoing face-to-face counseling (if available, most counselors continue to meet with clients virtually due to Covid-19) 
  • Ongoing video counseling 
  • ICare – an internet-based and mobile-supported self-guided cognitive behavioral training 
  • CPS services including follow-up visits, medication assessments, or a student support group 

All services offered through CPS, including calls to Wellbeing@KSU, are confidential. No information will be shared without your consent. You may review more information about confidentiality and release of medical information here. ​

The Wellness Hub

“The Wellness Hub” which includes an App and an online wellness magazine with educational content, self-help tools and resource links. To access the Wellness Hub click here. To access the Wellness Hub on your phone, click to download the CampusWell app for Apple or Android. Once downloaded, search for Kennesaw State University to access the Wellbeing@KSU Wellness Hub.

Wellbeing@KSU Frequently Asked Questions:

  • All services offered through CPS, including calls to Wellbeing@KSU, are confidential. No information will be shared without your consent. You may review more information about confidentiality and release of medical information here.
  • If you and the Wellbeing@KSU clinician decide that a referral to ongoing, face-to-face therapy is appropriate, the clinician will try to connect you by phone—in that moment—with a therapist in the local community. If the therapist you’re calling is available, you can speak with them directly and schedule an appointment for the coming days. If the therapist is not available at the time of the call, the Wellbeing clinician will help you leave a voicemail for the therapist to call you back and review scheduling options. 

    Referrals for face-to-face therapy are available for currently enrolled students in the U.S. and some parts of Canada. Please contact CPS or Wellbeing@KSU for more details. 

  • If you and the Wellbeing@KSU clinician decide that a referral to ongoing video counseling is appropriate, the clinician will connect you via phone with a Wellbeing Navigator who will submit the referral to video counseling. A video counselor will then get in touch with you to schedule your first appointment. From your first appointment forward, you can connect with that therapist on video in real time. Video counseling is conducted by licensed clinicians via a secure videoconference platform called Zoom. 

    Referrals for video counseling are available for currently enrolled students in the U.S. and in most international locations. Video counseling is a flexible approach to therapy that enables you and a therapist to work together wherever you are. 

  • Through Wellbeing@KSU, all Kennesaw State University students have five free counseling sessions each fall and spring semester without using insurance. Wellbeing@KSU clinicians treat a range of issues, but referrals outside of the Wellbeing@KSU network will be made to specialized treatment when necessary.

    If you need to see a clinician who offers specialized care, Wellbeing@KSU will help locate an appropriate clinician who accepts your insurance.  

  • We make every effort to match you with a Wellbeing@KSU clinician who meets your demographic, identity, and language preferences; however, if one is not available, we can initiate a referral through your insurance to find a clinician who meets your preferences. 

  • Currently enrolled students have access to five free counseling visits each semester. We make every effort possible to connect you with a therapist who will accept your insurance so that you can continue to meet with your therapist after the allotted free sessions are used. Following your free sessions, all subsequent visits will be billed to your insurance.

  • CPS and Wellbeing@KSU clinicians provide brief, goal focused counseling. Clinicians in the community are generally able to provide longer-term treatment and more consistent and flexible scheduling, such as evening, Saturday, and weekly appointments. 

  • For students who appreciate flexibility and are interested in helping themselves move forward, ICare can help. ICare is an online self-guided cognitive behavioral training program. It combines support with skill building to help you better manage worry and stress. This program was developed specifically for college students who experience symptoms of depression and/or anxiety. It is recommended for those whose symptoms do not require psychotherapy or as a part of treatment already in place. 

    ICare includes seven sessions (one per week) plus a booster session. In the sessions, you will build skills focused on enhancing your competence and comfort with steps like taking action, changing your thought patterns, and approaching challenges. Once you’ve completed the first 8 sessions, you can connect with supplemental ones focused on specific concerns like sleep difficulty, alcohol use, self-esteem, perfectionism, and more. 

    During your call with the Find clinician, if you and that clinician decide on a referral to ICare, the clinician will immediately connect you via phone with a Find Navigator who will create a user account for you and you’re on your way. 

    A Navigator will be there for you whenever you have questions and to help you move through your self-powered CBT training. 

    If you choose to pursue self-guided CBT training with ICare, it will count as just one of your free visits per year. 
    If, when we have our assessment, we together determine that you would benefit from or prefer ongoing treatment, we will help you get connected to a clinician.

  • Students may access Wellbeing@KSU benefits, including the 24/7 support line and referrals for free visits, through the end of semester following graduation. If you are looking for support options past that, we recommend you reach out to Wellbeing@KSU prior to explore options available through your insurance.