Doctoral Internship Program


The Kennesaw State University's Counseling & Psychological Services (CPS) Doctoral Internship in Professional Psychology has been developed to provide training in the core functional skill areas relevant to a broad range of counseling arenas, but especially a university counseling center setting. Over the course of the internship year, interns will gain exposure to individual and group counseling and psychotherapy, psychoeducational outreach and consultation, clinical supervision, assessment, and research.


Kennesaw State University (KSU) is located approximately 25 miles northwest of Atlanta, GA. KSU is a member of the University System of Georgia and the third-largest university in the state with over 37,000 students. Three related campus locations currently house 19 professional staff members and three office assistants. On the Kennesaw campus and residing in Kennesaw Hall is the largest group of clinicians, with 12 professional staff, a psychiatrist, and 5-7 practicum trainees. Also on the Kennesaw campus is the The Residential Cottage that houses two professional staff members and one practicum trainee. The Marietta campus, located about 9 miles south of the Kennesaw campus, houses four professional staff, a psychiatric nurse practitioner, and 2-4 practicum trainees in their office in the student center.

The Staff

The CPS staff reflects a diversity of training with 5 counseling psychologists, 2 clinical psychologists, 5 licensed professional counselors, 4 licensed clinical social workers, one marriage and family counselor, one psychiatrist and one psychiatric nurse practitioner. Our providers operate from the range of theoretical orientations (e.g., psychodynamic, humanistic, cognitive behavioral, and relational-cultural). In short, CPS staff members endorse and value our multicultural, multidisciplinary and multi-theoretical learning and working environment. Enhancement of multicultural skills is a central component of our program, with related issues being addressed in all aspects of the training program and in the professional growth and development of regular staff members. Two doctoral interns will join this staff.

The Clients

KSU interns will have the opportunity to work with a broad college student clientele. KSU students come from widely diverse backgrounds so that interns might work with first generation, rural or urban students- White, Asian, Hispanic or Black students- gay, straight, transgender or cisgender students- Christian, Muslim or Hindu students, and so many other groups that they cannot all be named here. Similarly, KSU students present with the broad range of developmental, relational and psychological problems; these most often involve students with anxiety, depression, relationship conflicts and academic concerns. However, interns could also gain exposure to working with more severe problems, including students with autistic spectrum disorders, bipolar disorders, personality disordered clients or clients with emerging schizophrenia.

The Experience

CPS interns will routinely work 40 hours per week with 10 Holidays and the ability to accumulate vacation and sick leave through the Georgia State system. The 2000-hour internship will be completed over a 12-month time frame. Interns will be compensated at $29,500.00 for the year. Interns will have the opportunity to choose three of six Rotation specialties over the course of their training year. These include: Eating Disorders, Groups, Trauma, Crisis Management, Supervision and Assessment.

CPS endorses a brief therapy model (up to 16 sessions per academic year) and all counseling clients enter the system through triage (initial consultations/ICs). Interns will provide 3-4 hours of ICs and schedule approximately 20 individual client hours per week. Interns will also cover at least 1.15 hours of group counseling per week but may cover more with additional group commitments. Interns will provide and later supervise practicum trainees on delivering structured workshops on Anxiety and Depression for CPS clients. Interns may also supervise a master’s counselor on individual therapy depending on rotation commitments.

The Training

The CPS internship at KSU provides training across multiple intervention modalities, and interns can expect to gain competency with individual and group counseling, as well as with developing and presenting psychoeducational workshops and other preventive programs. Intensive individual and group supervision characterize the program, with interns receiving 2 hours of individual supervision per week, along with supervision of group counseling.

Further, interns will participate in a weekly Case Conference/Cluster meeting in which interns, staff and other students will present clinical cases for disposition, case management and case conceptualization. Two didactic seminar experiences will be provided, including a Clinical Seminar, which will focus on case conceptualization with application of psychological theory and science. A Special Topics Seminar will focus on Diversity, Groups, Supervision, Assessment and Professional issues.

The interns completing their training at CPS will emerge with a strong foundation in the professional psychology fields, and with the skills to enter their post-doctoral training with confidence and excitement.

Intern Selection

Interns must be completing doctoral training in Clinical or Counseling Psychology and must have completed three years of related academic work, and at least two 9-month, supervised practicum experiences. Selected CPS interns must pass a background check with with the Human Resource Dept. prior to beginning work at KSU.  

CPS will be completing the MATCH process in spring of 2019 with the Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers (APPIC) for a training class to begin fall 2020. Please go to the APPIC website ( for further information and to submit your application.

Application Deadline: Monday, November 11 (11/11) by 11:00am EST

As a new program, KSU will not be listed in the Directory; thus, students will need to apply by entering our MATCH program code: 251711, on their lists of internship sites. Please go to the APPIC website ( for further information and to submit your application.

Contact Information

For questions regarding the internship, please contact J. “Dr. Jay” LaVelle Ingram, Associate Director for Training via e-mail at or at 470-578-6600. E-mail contact is preferred.

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