• Personal counseling is focused on the emotional, psychological, spiritual, and physical issues impacting one’s ability to function at a normal level. Typical issues include depression, stress, anxiety, relationship issues, self-esteem, anger management, grief and loss and many more.

    Academic counseling is designed to help students discover how to achieve their desired academic goals. It helps them become self-directed learners by developing effective skills for college success. Common topics are time management, study skills, test anxiety and testing strategies.

    Career counseling is designed to help students evaluate their abilities, talents, and personality characteristics in developing realistic academic and career goals. Decisions such as deciding what major you want, what kind of career you would be best suited for, and what careers warrant further investigation.

    However, CPS does NOT offer court-mandated or forensically oriented services to Kennesaw State University students, faculty or staff.

  • You can expect to work with a mental health professional who will assist you in identifying the areas in your life where you want to make changes and improvements.

  • Counseling offers the opportunity to identify the factors that contribute to difficulties and to deal effectively with the psychological, behavioral, interpersonal and situational causes of those difficulties.
  • You will meet one of our professional staff or a graduate student in training. All of our professional staff have at least a Master's degree in counseling or psychology and are licensed. Our graduate students are working toward their Master's or doctoral degrees and are closely supervised by one of our licensed staff. We have both male and female staff members to attempt to meet our client's needs.
  • Generally the information you share with a counselor will not be disclosed to anyone else without your written permission. Limits or exceptions to confidentiality include . . .
    • Imminent risk of harm to yourself or someone else.
    • Suspicion of abuse to a child (minor) or someone who is elderly.
    • Court Order.

 Making an Appointment

  • You may stop by our offices or call to schedule an appointment to meet with a counselor.

    Kennesaw Campus: Kennesaw Hall, Room 2401, 470-578-6600;
    Marietta Campus: Student Center, A170, 470-578-7391

  • Your first visit is what we refer to as an Initial Consultation where you will complete some paperwork and then you and the counselor will talk. Usually at the first session the counselor will ask a series of questions to help determine what will be the best plan of action for future sessions.

  • As a primary method to address any emergency, CPS offers our Let's Hoot Walk-In Consultation hours.  After Hours Support or concerned for someone else?  Click on our Emergency page for more information. 
  • Students who would like to begin counseling or who need to consult with a counselor can visit our office during our Let's Hoot Walk-In Consultation hours to complete an Initial Consultation.                  

    Kennesaw Campus, Kennesaw Hall, KH2401, 470-578-6600

    Monday - Thursday, 10:00am-4:00pm 

    Marietta Campus, Joe Mack Wilson Student Center, A170, 470-578-7391

    Tuesday - Thursday,  12:00pm-4:00pm

  • You and the counselor will determine how many sessions are needed to get you headed in the right direction toward your life goals.
  • Counseling typically works best when you are able to work with the same counselor over the course of your visits. Nevertheless, we understand that scheduling and other forms of conflict may arise and result in a desire to change counselors. Counselor change requests can be made by completing the below form. Once complete, you can drop the form off in our office or fax it to 470-578-9102. Our Associate Director will review the request and contact you about making a change.

    Counselor Change Request Form

 Eligibility and Charges

  • All currently enrolled students are eligible to come for counseling. Brief consultations are available for students who have a concern about someone in their lives.

  • No. Services for counseling are free to all currently enrolled students.

  • Because of the high volume of students we serve, we ask that cancellations be made at least 24 hours in advance of a scheduled appointment. We do not charge a fee of cancellations.  Frequent same day cancellations or no-shows can put a student at risk of forfeiting access to our services for the remainder of the current semester and the next semester. 

Support Letters and Documentation

  • CPS is not able to provide assessments, recommendations or documentation to support the need of an Emotional Support Animal.  ESAs are viewed under the Federal Housing Act as a "reasonable accommodation" for those who have a physical or mental disability.  KSU guidelines and procedures for ESAs can be found by visiting Student Disability Services.  
  • CPS does not provide documentation for any purpose that falls outside of supporting the academic mission of KSU. This includes documentation to assist with complying with legal mandates, such as court mandated anger management, substance abuse assessment, treatment or evaluation, child custody evaluations, domestic violence counseling or the fulfillment of probation or parole requirements.

    CPS staff does not provide letters at the time of an initial consultation and cannot provide documentation regarding a student's mental health without a history of services at CPS during the specified time period.  If necessary, students are encouraged to seek letters of support from professionals directly involved in their care such as past or present psychological/psychiatric providers, or medical health providers.