Confidentiality Policy

The Kennesaw State University CPS Center staff adheres to the standards of confidentiality set forth by Georgia law as well as by our respective professional standards & ethical codes (i.e., the American Psychological Association, the American Counseling Association, and the National Association of Social Workers).

The information you share in counseling is confidential. CPS counselors may consult with other CPS counseling professionals in order to better assist students. A signed "Consent for Release of Confidential Information" form is required to disclose any information about your counseling experience to a 3rd party.

Exceptions to confidentiality may occur only under certain circumstances. These exceptions include:

  • You may request (by means of a signed release) that your counselor reveal information to other individuals or agencies of your choice
  • Imminent threats to the safety and well-being of yourself or others
  • When release of confidential information is required by court order
  • When abuse, neglect or exploitation of children or adults who are vulnerable due to physical or mental impairment or advanced age is suspected.